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With Olive, you can help your clients, customers or donors invest, save and purchase their way to a better, more secure future.

Learn how we can help you today.


Here's how it works:

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1. Sign up customers 

Create or leverage existing customer programs and drive registrations.

  • Easy integration with existing web & mobile apps
  • Greater security - our direct partnership with Visa and Mastercard means we never ask for banking credentials
  • Faster time to launch and results



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2. Customers link cards and set goals

Customers set their contributions rules (how much to round, which cards to link, rounding limits, and more)

  • Quick and easy credit card enrolment, no banking credentials required
  • Review progress through a dedicated dashboard 


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3. Customers easily purchase, roundup and engage

Customers earn roundups, cashback rewards and other contributions towards their financial goals. Companies can help by offering rewards and engaging in pivotal moments.

  • Clear insight into customer progress
  • Immediate rewards, no points to collect or redeem
  • Local and national merchants in dining, retail and attractions


See Olive in action at Questrade

Powered by Olive, Questrade has been able to offer RoundUps and Cashback Rewards seamlessly to their users.

Click below to see Questrade and Olive in action.

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Let's talk about how a contribution program can help your customers, clients and donors. 

Get up and running quickly with minimal IT lift

  • White label options that work for you
  • Easily integrate Round Ups, Cashback Rewards, Contribution Matching, Goal Tracking, Reporting and more 
  • Complete access to ticket-tracked support
  • An ever-expanding library of sample Cashback offers
  • Try before you buy - full trial access to API & SDK in sandbox