Boost savings, investments and more

Help customers reach financial goals with Olive's card-linking customer engagement platform.


The problem

Reaching financial goals, such as saving and investing, can be a daunting task for many customers.

We understand that it's not only about helping them take the first step but also about providing ongoing support to help them maintain consistency over time.

The Olive solution

Olive empowers your customers to turn every purchase they make into micro-deposits into their accounts with you.

With roundups, matching, contributions, and rewards, it's easy for customers to take control of their finances and start working towards their financial goals.


Benefits of Olive Financial Wellness

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Easy, 10-second enrollment

Get customers enrolled and ready to start contributing in just 10 seconds and without any banking credentials.

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Program integration

Easily add Olive into your existing customer programs with minimal effort from your teams.

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Use existing cards

Olive eliminates the need to issue your own card, saving you time and money so you can scale faster.

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Real-time engagement

Develop stronger customer relationships through real-time notifications celebrating wins.


Of customers who signed up with an Olive platform continued contributing 


Average monthly recurring contribution per member with basic roundups


Gain in card transactions processed vs. traditional, card-linked rewards programs


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Want to see Olive in action? 

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