Enable donations
on every purchase

Convert one-time donors into lifelong supporters with Olive's card-linking donor engagement platform.


The problem

Fundraisers face challenges with unstable funding, and it's getting harder to keep donors engaged and coming back to give again. Consider that:

  • About 50% of donors from last year don’t give again,
  • One-time donations leave organizations with unpredictable revenue and a constant need to seek out new donors.

The Olive solution

With Olive Fundraising, you can increase recurring donations and deepen donor engagement by: 

  • Turning everyday spending into meaningful impact,
  • Allowing corporate partners to match contributions,
  • Incentivizing giving with member-funded cashback rewards and more!

Benefits of Olive Fundraising

Enjoy frictionless enrollment, engage donors on every purchase, and create recurring donations for predictable revenue and deeper engagement.

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Easy, 10-second enrollment

Get donors enrolled and ready to start giving in just 10 seconds and without any banking credentials.

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Meaningful engagement

Develop stronger relationships with donors through real-time notifications celebrating progress.

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Sustainable revenue

Gain more freedom to focus on your mission and impact by reducing your time spent chasing after donations.

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Program integration

Easily add Olive into your existing fundraising programs with minimal effort from your teams.


Of donors who signed up with an Olive platform continued donating 


Gain in cashback that merchants will give for direct-to-cause rewards


Average monthly recurring contribution per member with roundups


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