Targeted and profitable 

Olive's Cashback Rewards are card-linked offers that drive customer acquisitions increase transaction value, create frequency and loyalty, and reinforce brand awareness. 


Grow relationships with new and returning customers

Unlike other cashback affiliate programs, Olive Cashback Rewards are not just "discounts-in-hiding" that put money back onto cards.  When enrolled consumers make purchases with you, your cashback reward goes towards helping them reach a meaningful financial goal.

Unlimited impressions and clicks

Reach customers in a simpler and more engaging way. Get exposure to millions of consumers through Olive's channel partners, and increase sales by aligning your brand to the financial goals critical to your customers.



Pay only on the sale

Eliminate wasteful marketing spend by rewarding consumer purchases that meet the criteria you set. Proven to increase sales, basket size and frequency, Olive Cashback Rewards help you know exactly the revenue you get for each dollar you spend.

Real-time rewards drive results

Reinforce customer relationships with real-time reward calculations and notifications. When an enrolled consumer completes a purchase at your store, Olive Cashback Rewards receives a copy of the data directly from the payment networks. 


Card-linked offers made better


Access Olive partner communities in a single platform.

Consumers can engage on primary cards - regardless of issuer.


Benefit from free impressions and clicks.

You only pay when a qualifying purchase is completed. 



Give your customers peace of mind.

Your customers will never need to give up secure banking credentials or PII to participate.


Easily compare purchases against category trends.

Leverage exportable match-back reporting to reconcile your purchases. 


Try it risk-free!

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