Turn everyday purchases into customer engagement

Boost your programs using Olive's card-linking platform and offer real-time rounding, matching and cashback rewards.


Every purchase counts

Whether it's saving, investing, donating, earning cashback rewards or more, help customers achieve financial goals with Olive. 

Olive's seamless integration powers key features like roundups, matching, contributions, and rewards without ever asking for sensitive banking information. 


Create sticky programs with Olive



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Add to programs

Easily add Olive to your existing giving, saving or loyalty programs with minimal effort from your teams.

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Enroll customers easily

Get customers enrolled and ready to start in just 10 seconds and without any banking credentials.

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Manage your programs

Customize, manage and track your program's success using Olive's Customer Portal.

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Customize your offers

Onboard merchant partners and offers, or utilize an existing library of offers to jumpstart your program.

We've got industry range

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Financial Wellness

Offer customers an automated way to save and invest on every purchase with Olive's card-linking platform.

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Empower supporters, increase recurring donations and engage donors with Olive's card-linking platform.

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Memberships & Loyalty

Bring positive ROI through your loyalty program with Olive's simple and secure platform for roundups, matching, contributions, and rewards.


What our customers say

“Offering RoundUP and Cashback means clients can grow their investment accounts everyday. It’s a completely new approach, aligned to the trends we know matter for Gen Z and younger Millennials.”


Of customers who signed up with an Olive platform continued contributing 


Gain in cashback that merchants will give for direct-to-cause rewards


Average time in seconds from purchase to notification of reward-earning


Attainable card-linking programs 

Hassle-free pricing for every business. Olive's customizable and scalable pricing plans are designed to fit your needs and budget, with no surprises or hidden fees.


The highest security and data protection standards

We take security and data protection seriously. That’s why we make PCI compliance and your consumers' privacy our top priority.


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Want to see Olive in action? 

Our interactive demo can show you exactly what real-time roundups can do. Simply sign up to request a demo or talk with our sales team to learn more.